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"Michelle is an excellent doula. She goes the extra mile and is very patient and calm, even when the going gets tough. She facilitates comfort measures quietly and respectfully without interruption to the sanctity of the laboring mother/partner relationship. Michelle is an invaluable addition to a birth team, and I hope I have the privilege of working with her often."
Seasons Warner
"Michelle was amazing! She was a backup for my original doula who had gotten sick around the time of my delivery. Michelle came at a moments notice to our home to help me with labor and was with us the entire day. This was my first baby and having her there helped me to feel calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. She took pictures throughout my labor and delivery and I will treasure those photos forever. Michelle is compassionate and has a calming presence that was so helpful during my labor and delivery. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula."
"I feel very blessed to have had Michelle as my doula for my first birth. I had my baby at 43 weeks and those last few weeks of pregnancy were really emotionally intense. Michelle was so patient waiting for my son to arrive with me and offered invaluable support through that period. All I wanted while I was in labor was counter pressure on my back, so she and my husband worked as a team all night to make me feel comfortable. I had planned to give birth at a birth center but had a situation where I needed to go to the hospital, and I was really reassured by having her there in the new environment. I chose to have an epidural right away and I felt supported in that decision. She helped me relax and feel comfortable with massage and words of encouragement, especially when I needed it most. I also recommend having Michelle photograph your birth! I really love the photos she took of my son being born. I feel like the whole birth experience was positive for both my husband and me because we could both count on Michelle."
"What an angel; truly heaven-sent! Michelle was our doula for our second child (we had both children naturally without the use of any medical interventions); I only wish we could have had Michelle for our first child too! She is an incredibly supportive doula and very respectful of our goals and feelings. Michelle was more than willing to be present whenever I needed her when my labor began and was constantly at my side offering encouragement and physical support as well. Her gentleness helped me stay calm and she gave me the reassurance I needed, especially as my labor progressed and became more intense. My husband and I are both very grateful we didn't have to do this without her!"
"Michelle has a quiet and unassuming strength. She helped in practical ways and offered great emotional support. While I was in the early stages of labor, she offered to pick up groceries for me! She also massaged my legs and feet, helping to get my mind off any discomforts and the stress of the unknown. She let me use her own exercise ball and showed my husband how to apply counter pressure on my lower back once my contractions increased in intensity. She was calm and steady, even when baby began crowning before the midwife arrived! She stayed after the birth, picking up more needed items from the store again, and checked up on me periodically postpartum. She even managed to snap several photos before, during and after the birth! She knew just what I wanted and supported me throughout the entire process."
"I whole-heartedly recommend Michelle for her doula work. Not only is she good at what she does, she is kind and empathetic too. I had Michelle with me for the birth of my second baby. I wanted a doula, but I also wanted to make sure that my husband was still a supporter. Michelle was happy to do that. She showed my husband how to help me relax by using pressure points. She was a calming presence for both of us. I was so grateful to have her there to answer my questions and give me reassurance throughout the process. It’s easy to tell that Michelle is passionate about what she does. She made a world of difference for me!"


Certified Birth Doula with DONA International



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I am a certified birth doula with DONA International and I offer services that are tailored to the needs and wants of each of my clients. My goal is to provide emotional and physical support to empower you through your labor and birth.

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